About Himachal Pradesh

“Escaping to woods and drinking the nectar of nature“ is the right phrase that best describes the beauty of Himachal Pradesh. Towards the northern region of India lies Himachal Pradesh, sitting in the lap of Himalayan mountain range. The “Land of Gods” is surrounded by Jammu & Kashmir in North, Punjab in West and Tibetan plateau in east. Himachal Pradesh is famous for its scenic beauty that is as refreshing as heaven.

With dense forests calling wildlife lovers to roaring waterfalls for adventure enthusiasts and quiet viewpoints for couples, Himachal Pradesh has something exotic for each visitor. The tourists with religious bent of mind gets a full retreat of richly cultured temples and monasteries. On entering the state of Himachal Pradesh, the tourists gets to experience an altogether different world that rejuvenates not just their body and mind, but the soul also.

Himachal Pradesh is not just another hill state; it is a bag full of excitement, thrills, peaceful atmosphere and tranquility. This state gives return gift of fond memories to every visitor. After all, lifetime experiences are something that can be caught only once in a while.

Culture of Himachal

Culture is the facet of any state and introduces that state’s identity to the world. The rich culture of Himachal Pradesh has seen the effect of various tribal clans, such as Kinnars, Sulehria, Pangawals and Lahaulis. Other important communities forming a part of Himachal’s population are Brahmins, Gujjars, Rajputs, Gaddis, Kolis and Rathis. The mix of all these casts and creeds makes Himachal Pradesh as a multi-cultural state.

Himachal Pradesh is world-famous for its handicraft items, such as shawls, hand-woven caps, woolen jackets, carpets, woodwork and paintings. These classic items have been the main attractions of Himachal, besides sightseeing options.

There is so much of hard work injected into making these handicraft items that Himachali people have become an idol and the products have been in-demand throughout the year. The cultural heritage of Himachal Pradesh has been adapting since the dawn of civilization.

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