Bungee Jumping, Himachal

     State : Himachal Pradesh

     Tourist Attractions : Manali, Bilaspur & Billing
Bungee Jumping, Himachal

If adventure is the name of the game, there is nothing more adventurous than getting a high from falling from a height. Bungee can be classified in the category of sports, which, to put simply, is the name of courage under fire. Falling from a height of around 120 to 700 feet and bunging up and down is only for those who have no love lost for their life! However, on a realistic plane, there is only an iota of risk involved in this game as most of the organizations that hold such events maintain high quality of professionalism.

According to legend, the sports got its first jumper around 1,500 years ago. This happened when a tribal ran away from her enraged husband who tried to kill her. However, when she saw her husband gaining in speed, she climbed a tree and perched herself at the top. But the husband was behind her even there. As a last resort, she tied her legs with few vines and jumped on, thereby giving birth to a new and exciting adventure sports.