May 07

Striking Valleys of Chamba – Himachal Pradesh

Posted by himachalpradeshtourism.org on May, 07, 2012

Himachal tour packages unveil an opportunity to travel to most of stunning hill stations spread across the state of Himachal Pradesh, the abode of Majestic Himalaya Mountain. Breathtaking valley of Chamba is one of the most alluring tourist’s destinations in Himachal Pradesh. Perched on the bank of River Ravi at an altitude of 996 meters, Chamba offers panoramic view of picturesque valley of River Ravi and Dhauladhar and Zanskar ranges of majestic Himalaya Mountain.

Chamba was founded in 920 AD by Raja Sahil Varman when he conquered lower Rani Valley. Sahil Varman was thrilled by the beauty of the place and thus initially named it as Champa after his daughter Chamapavati. The place still retains the rich ancient charm of culture and heritage in its numerous temples and monuments. In recent time, Chamba is revered for preserving most of medieval temples and its architecture reflects glory of its east while rulers. Antique architectures of this hilly retreat fascinates huge of tourists from across the world.

Set amidst Shivalik ranges, the hilly resort promises the mesmerizing views of steep valleys, green Lush Mountain and cascading River Ravi. Dotted with important tourists destinations including Khajjiar, Dalhousie and Mani Mahesh, this hilly delight has been resulted into a most sought after honeymoon destination in Himachal Pradesh. These spots are renowned for serene ambiance and fascinating beauty of nature, where newly wed couples can seclude themselves from rest of the world through Himachal honeymoon tour packages.

Honeymooners often choose this place for cementing a strong bond of togetherness amidst natural splendor. Himachal honeymoon tour packages are readily available to ensure an easy and pleasant honeymoon tour for those who have tied the nuptial knot recently and keen to start a new beginning of life. Chamba, the land of antiquity, art and scenic beauty is also a favorite destination for leisure travelers who are seeking for tranquil and serene environment.

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