Chaitraul Festival, Himachal

     State : Himachal Pradesh

     Time of Celebration : Month of Chaitra
Chaitraul Festival

Chaitraul also well known as the festival of pictures is one of the celebrated festivals of the Sirmaur area in Himachal Pradesh. Food is distributed to the poor people. It is a ritual on this occasion to break clay pots to get rid of the evil spirits. It is performed on a certain day in the bright fortnight of the moon in the month of Chaitra. As a mark of richness and prosperity, the houses are painted and decorated with figures of male animals and crops on this day symbolizing abundance and wealth.

On this Chaitraul day the family deities are taken out into the fields, and a particular dish known as Poltu is cooked. In some instances, the deity is positioned in middle of the field and an extraordinary savory gruel is prepared as offering to the Lord. Another famous feature involved is Khone, a custom of compromise between the gods and the demons. Chaitraul festival is celebrated in the month of Chaitra that is in between March and April.