Gugnaumi Festival, Himachal

     State : Himachal Pradesh

     Celebration : Gugnaumi is a festival in honor of Googa,      The lord of snakes, Loud music and dance
Gugnaumi Festival

Gugnaumi is a festival in honor of Googa, the lord of snakes. On this day large feasts (Bhandara) are organized at all the temples of Googa (Googmadhi) in which the food grains collected by the Guru (head priest) are used. It is an elaborate affair and the food is prepared for the Lord by the priests. It symbolizes the offering of the villagers to the Lord of snakes. The farmers also come with offerings of food and pray for their well being. Pictures of snakes are drawn on the walls with turmeric and people feed snakes with milk and butter.

Mentally challenged women dance at the temples on this day, in order to get rid of their sickness. It is believed that the spirit of Googa descends upon them and suggests ways of curing the ailment. Googa Saloh and Shibo-Da-than are two major temples where fairs take place. Gugnaumi Festival in Himachal Pradesh is mainly performed by the villagers. It is also whispered that if you can take a glimpse of a snake on this auspicious day your every wish come true. On this day the Lord of Snakes shower His blessings upon the villagers.