Khepa Festival, Himachal

     State : Himachal Pradesh

     Time of Celebration : 11th to 14th November
Khepa Festival

Khepa in Himachal Pradesh which is essentially an event to catch away demons is a very popular festival in Himachal Pradesh. The word Khepa stands for the meaning Siddha or say Tantrik Guru in Hindi. In Khepa, Himachal Pradesh the Siddha or the Tantrik Guru is made of flour.

On the day of this festival, local people take bath early in the morning. They place a thorny shrub or say cho or Brekling on the top of their roofs. However, there is other festival called Pulkhepa also. It is celebrated on the same patterns as Khepa, Himachal Pradesh. On the occasion of Pulkhepa in Himachal Pradesh a goat head and Poltu or say a special kind of fried bread is made.