Lohadi Festival, Himachal

     State : Himachal Pradesh

     Time of Celebration : End of the Month of Pausha
Lohadi Festival

Lohadi is a winter festival. According to the Hindu calendar this festival takes place at the end of the month of Pausha. Every farmer sings songs and roams around the entire house of the village in the before month of this festival. The song sung by the farmers has a specific name among the local people. This Lohadi song is called 'Lohkadiyan'. The rituals of Lohadi in Himachal Pradesh start a month before the actual festival.

Lohadi is celebrated in each and every household of Himachal Pradesh. The people of each and every house of the village heartily receive the singers. The singers are offered food grains as gifts. After a one month long celebration, the actual day of Lohadi festival comes. At the time of Lohadi festival special sweets and various delicious foods are prepared which is called Babru by the local people. On the night of Lohadi, some boys sing deer songs and a local boy disguises himself in the attire of a Deer, which is locally known as Harin.