Rakhi Festival, Himachal

     State : Himachal Pradesh

     Time of Celebration : Full Moon Day in Monsoon Month      of Bhadrapad
Rakhi Festival

Rakhi is celebrated on the full moon day of the Hindu month of Shravan, on which sisters tie the blessed Rakhi string on their brothers' right wrists, pray for their long life. Rakhis are preferably made of silk with gold and silver threads, wonderfully crafted embroidered sequins, and studded with semi precious stones. This ritual not only strengthens the bond of love between brothers and sisters, but also transcends the boundaries of the family. When a Rakhi is tied on the wrists of close friends and neighbors, it underscores the need for a pleasant social life, where every individual live peacefully as brothers and sisters.

In Northern India, and some parts of Himachal Pradesh Rakhi Purnima is also called Kajri Purnima or Kajri Navami, when wheat or barley is sown, and goddess Bhagwati is worshipped. Raksha Bandhan is known by various names like Vish Tarak - the destroyer of venom, Punya Pradayak - the bestower of boons, and Pap Nashak - the destroyer of sins. The festival of Rakhi in Himachal Pradesh marks for the coming of different relatives and family members of a family and share a good time with each other.