Shivratri Fair, Himachal

     State : Himachal Pradesh

     Time of Celebration : 6th Night of the Dark Phalgun(Feb      or March)
Shivratri Fair

During the Shivratri Fair in Himachal Pradesh, gaily decorated palanquins carrying all the local deities are ferried to the town of Mandi. Accompanied by folk bands and hordes of enthusiastic devotees, the palanquins make a stop at the Masho Rai Temple and then proceed to the Bhootnath Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. After paying obeisance to the Gods, the people of Mandi follow it up with lots of music, dance and singing. Plays or skits are also arranged to entertain the onlookers.

Even though merriment becomes the order of the day during the Shivratri Fair in Mandi, the religious fervor that is a part of all the proceedings cannot be missed. No wonder, the Shivratri Fair adds up as one of the most attractive among the fairs in Himachal Pradesh India.