Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh

Bilaspur in Himachal Pradesh means exploring the raw beauty and getting mingled with it. Situated on the banks of river Satluj, Bilaspur has valleys that will engulf any visitor in its arms. At times, one would feel bored of the noisy atmosphere and wants to escape to a place that gives peace of mind. And Bilaspur is the hill station that creates an environment of paranormal serenity.

Bilaspur is located at the height of 670 meters that gives awesome view of the valleys stretching beyond. In fact, it is also famous for its religious atmosphere that is created by various well-known temples in this hilly region. What more one can expect from a place that welcomes every visitor with full heartedness.

Climatic Conditions

The weather conditions of Bilaspur are cool and moderate, which requires cotton clothes in Summer and light woolens in Winters. Its maximum temperature soars to 37 degrees and drops down to a minimum of 5 degrees.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to feel the calmness of Bilaspur is between July and September. Though, one can visit this place anytime during the year.


The total population of Bilaspur region is approximately 3,40,73, with male population as 1,71,074 and female population at 1,69,661.


The entire geographical area of Bilaspur is 1,15,445 hectares, which is divided as follows:

Places of Interest:

The sightseeing areas in Bilaspur have the tendency to magnetize any visitor. One can enjoy his or her holiday at this hill station in their own manner. From trekking to exploring valleys, temples and local culture, tourists will have every opportunity to enjoy their stay.


The local market place in Bilaspur is the best choice to pick certain handicraft items, attractive woolens and various other articrafts.

Getting Here

In order to reach Bilaspur, one can land at Shimla airport that is nearest to the town. On the other note, the closest railways gauge is at Kiratpur Sahib. The tourists can also access this town by road through deluxe buses made available through tourism department.