Chamba, Himachal Pradesh

There are certain tours to hill stations that leave behind cherishable memories to unfold. Chamba is one such small town, whose journey will take you back to medieval times through its special temples. Here, the matter is not of a small town, but of a place that appeals to senses and soul. After all, hill stations are visited to come in close contact with nature's best. Located on the banks of river Ravi and at an height of 996 meters, Chamba welcomes all visitors to explore its glory.

The town of Chamba was founded in 920 AD and was ruled by Rajputs. It was Rajput king's daughter Champavati, after whom this place got its name. Here, nature plays the game with tourists offering different views from various angles. One cannot forget his journey to Chamba and it has such magnetic power that people keep on getting attracted towards it.

Climatic Conditions

The weather conditions in Chamba are apt for a throughout year visit. In winters, the temperature drops to minus and heavy woolens are required. On the other hand, cottons are needed in summers, as temperature ma rose to 38 degrees.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to play games with nature in Chamba is between March and June.


The population of Chamba consists of Himachalis and Hindus, apart from other local tribes.


The total area of Chamba is 6,522 sq. kms.

Places of Interest:

The town of Chamba offers a blend of lush green valleys, medieval temples, beautiful gardens, royal palaces and peaceful lakes.

This makes it possible for every visitor to enjoy his holidays in their own way.


Nestled in the beautiful valley of Shivalik ranges, Chamba has ample souvenirs for tourists in their market. One can pick from woolens to various craft items as a gift to friends or decorating own home.

(Himachal Tourism Handicrafts Centre: Chaughan Market)

Getting Here

There is no airport or railway station in Chamba. Though, the closest airport is Gaggal in Kangra (170 Km away) and railway station is Pathankot ( 118 Km away). Still, this town is accessible by road without any problem and bus station in Chamba is located near Chaughan market.