Lahaul & Spiti, Himachal Pradesh

Lahaul & Spiti showcases some of the most mesmerizing views of snow-clad mountains. On seeing the beauty of these two mountain tracts, Lahaul & Spiti, on the basis of whom the place got its name, tourists does not feel to go back. Shaking hands with the international border of Tibet, this place attained the position of a district in 1960. Prior to that, it was a Tehsil of Kullu sub-division. The crown of this district is full of jewels, such as rivers, glaciers, dense forests, monasteries and lush green valleys. After all, Lahaul & Spiti knows the ways to spellbind its visitors.

The rugged mountain ranges throw a challenge to bikers, mountaineers and adventure lovers to try their toughness. Being a quiet district, Lahaul & Spiti is loved by numerous tourists, who want to run away from the busy streets and noisy traffic. In fact, it is the best place to experience piece of mind.

Climatic Conditions

The level of humidity in Lahaul & Spiti is generally dry, with heavy snowfall and scanty rainfall. Due to heavy snowfall, this district gets isolated from the rest of the world for about 7 or 8 months (November - May or June). Though this isolation is lessened due to the helicopters started for mobility. While Spiti region remains cut off for only 1 or 2 months in winter and can be approached afterwards through Kinnaur.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to explore the ruggedness of this district is in summers, i.e. May to mid October. Visitors will not even experience disturbances caused due to rain during this time and can enjoy their vacation to the fullest.


The total number of population in this district constitutes to be 33, 224, with the men at 55.5 percent and women on 44.5 percent. Its entire population is rural based.


The area of Lahaul & Spiti is divided as follows:

Places of Interest:

Each district of Himachal Pradesh is filled with the jewels of various sightseeing options. Lahaul & Spiti is one such fine example having some of the most exotic locations to experience the touch of Buddhism and Tibetan culture.


The markets and traditional shops of this district offers cultural items that will be form ideal décor pieces at your home. Apart from this, one can also shop for woolen items that have their own distinctive style.

Himachal Emporium, Bhuttico, Local Tibetan Shops

Getting Here

Reaching Lahaul & Spiti is not difficult at all. The two closest airports are Kullu and Shimla; while the nearest railways station falls in Pathankot and Shimla. Since Manali is well-connected with all parts of India, the further access to Lahaul & Spiti can be done with the help of busses and taxis from Manali.