Lakes and Passes in Himachal

Himachal Pradesh has not limited itself to the beautiful valleys, lush green lawns or dense forests; it has various lakes and passes that account for the serene side of this state. Just think that you and your beloved are sailing in the boat at some lake in Himachal, with awesome views of the mountains ranges! Well, this is one such moment that pacifies any emotion and provides calmness to the soul. Every visitor plans for a holiday to run away from the noisy atmosphere he is living in. And it is the peaceful atmosphere that attracts tourists like a magnet. Such serenity prevails in Himachal Pradesh.

At the lakes of Himachal Pradesh, one can enjoy boating, water sports or just sit quietly on the banks to enjoy the nature in its sweetest form. On the other side of the coin lies the passes in Himachal that provide various options of taking pleasure in trekking and other sports.

Lakes in Himachal Pradesh

The quiet water of lakes signifies peace and tranquil environment. It takes the visitors' thought process to a different world, where everything seems to be hushing. Such is the atmosphere prevailing at the lakes of Himachal Pradesh that are surrounded by some of the most stunning views of hills.

Passes in Himachal Pradesh

The passes of Himachal Pradesh act as a connection between the tourists and their peak of enjoyment. Himachal has some of the highest passes in the world that provide various options of taking pleasure in sports, such as Para-Gliding, Skiing, Trekking, Mountaineering and many more. One can also play snow games to add glitters to their holiday. This is not just the end; but it's the beginning to certain moments that will last forever on your mind.