Gobind Sagar Lake, Himachal

     Location : Bilaspur

     Altitude : 670 metres

     Prime Attractions : Water Skiing, Sailing, Water Scooter      Racing and Fishing, Kayaking
Gobind Sagar Lake, Himachal Pradesh

This lake is named in honour of Gobind Singh the tenth Sikh guru. One of the world's highest gravity dams, the Bhakra rises 225.5 m above its lowest foundations. Its reservoir - the Gobind Sagar - is 90 kms long and encompasses an area of approximately 170 sq kms. As far back as 1962, the Gobind Sagar was declred a 'water fowl refuge' and even today, hosts a variety of water and shore birds.

Fishing is a regular activity and 51 species and sub-species have been recorded. In October and November, when the water level of the reservoir is at its peak, a series of regattas are also organised by the Department of Tourism and Civil aviation. Water-skiing, sailing, kayaking and water-scooter racing become available at this time.