Sholoni Devi Temple, Solan

     State : Himachal Pradesh

     City : Solan
Sholoni Devi Temple

The temple of Sholoni Devi is addressed to the goddess Sholoni Devi. Sholoni Devi Temple is situated at Solan in Himachal Pradesh. The name of temple is accessed by the name of the place 'Solan'.

Sholoni Devi Temple resides in a holy place, where time seems to stand constant. The spiritual ambiance of Sholoni Devi Temple is spreaded by the beautiful scenery all around the temple. Green chillies of a flavor unique to Shimla are grown in the areas around the vicinity of Sholoni Devi Temple. The farmers growing these crops believe in the goddess Sholoni Devi and pays regards to her by coming to the Sholoni Devi Temple.