Vajreshwari Temple, Chamba

     State : Himachal Pradesh

     City : Chamba
Vajreshwari Temple

This temple enshrines the Goddess Parvati is worshipped in her Pinid form. The entrance to the temple is decorated by two huge stone lions as if to guard the wealth inside. This temple is significant because when Lord Shiva danced the Tandav with his wife Sati on his back, her left breast is supposed to have fallen here, making it a blessed place. The Goddess Vajreshwari herself is an aggressive manifestation of Parvati who killed a demon Mahishasura. Also, the body of the demon king Jalandhara is supposed to be buried here.

According to tradition, on Makar Sakranti butter is applied on the statue to heal the wounds when the Goddess was injured during her attack on the demon. Once the richest temple in North India, Vajreshwari Temple is still rich with legend and worth visiting.