Shopping in Himachal

Shop till you drop! That's the right phrase for the people, who love to do shopping at hill stations. Buying world class handicrafts, woolens and wooden items, while holding the hands of the nature, is a lifetime experience. The scent of freshness mingles with the essence of tranquility and makes the entire shopping experience memorable. Buying favorite handicraft in Himachal Pradesh would leave you with a day to cherish those romantic moments spent with your beloved or sweet time spent with children and family.

Himachal Pradesh is famous for its renowned handicrafts starting with attractive woolens, such as jackets, Himachali caps, shawl with Himachali designs in attractive colors, sweaters and wall hangings too.

Apart from this, you can pick certain wooden handicrafts designed to add style to your home and office. The shopping in Himachal does not end here; rather it takes you further to state specific handicrafts that will not be available elsewhere. These include traditional clothes, wooden show pieces, mats and carpets too.

Well Known Markets in Himachal Pradesh