Bhuttico, Himachal

     State : Himachal Pradesh

     Tourist Attractions : Loi or Chaddar, Bhuttico Shawls
Bhuttico, Himachal

When winters came in india.Its shopping bazaar is all set for the year’s most demanding season.Shopping in Himachal Pradesh is altogether a different experience for tourists.Whether indians or outsiders, people go crazy to buy the handloom products of Himachal Pradesh and its woolen items.With this what clicks us first is Bhuttico Shawls.The Proud Product of Kullu,Himachal Pradesh.Reasonable in rate but extraordinary in quality.

Made from Merino wool, Angora wool, Pashmina wool, local sheep wool or a combination of any of these kullu shawls are gaining popularity day by day.They are stylish and warm.The Bhuttico society has taken all measures to keep their products in pace with the ever changing fashion in today’s world.Hey, if you think they are limited to women only, then think again.Even men are liking their shawls known as Loi or Chaddar.The designs are Traditional as well as Modern with a wide range of patterns to choose from.The specialities include Angora shawls and Pashmina shawls.