Himachal Handloom, Himachal

     State : Himachal Pradesh

     Tourist Attractions : Bhuttico Handlooms & Handicrafts
Himachal Handloom, Himachal

The handlooms and handicrafts are integral part of Himachal's cultural tradition. Each area has its own distinct dialect and crafts. The primary occupations with rural Himachal is agriculture, horticulture, handloom & handcraft activities but over the years some of the fine crafts have been on the verge of decline due to infiltration of fake counterparts from the neighboring states, thus diminishing the revenue for Himachal's entrepreneurs, artisans engaged with handloom & handicraft sector.Himachal is a land with unique traditions and contrasts. There are number of cooperative societies working in Manali, Kullu and adjoining areas for the welfare of artisans and languishing crafts of Himachal.

There are few young enterprising people in Kullu valley who dared & took challenge in highly competitive market to introduce handlooms and handicrafts of Himachal Pradesh on global scale. Mr. Baldev Gharsangi's innovative vision and strategic planning has brought respect to the Handlooms & Handicrafts of region.The BHUTTICO handlooms & handicrafts cooperative society is one of the prominent organization in the entire valley setting standards and excellence towards this end. It has been credited with class A status for its unprecedented growth and welfare of its artisans members.