Lakkad Bazaar, Himachal

     State : Himachal Pradesh

     Tourist Attractions :
Lakkad Bazaar, Himachal

The Lakkad bazaar is situated in just the nearby corner of the Ridge. The bazaar becomes heavily crowded during the tourist seasons of Shimla. The shops in the Lakkad bazaar overflow with variety of items including the wondrous wood made articles like the wooden boxes, jewelry, images, fruit bowls and many more.The Lakkad bazaar always looks colorful and in a merry mood because of the colorful items and garments that stuffs the market shops. Tourists have a high attraction to this place.

Lakkad Bazaar also has got hotels for the tourists and guests like the White hotel and Hotel Diplomat. This place also stocks a number of cheap restaurants. The price of the good is cheap in the bazaar. Also fresh vegetables are available from the market of Lakkad bazaar. The bazaar also houses a roller skating ring where during the winter carnivals, skating and other ice sports are organized.