Tibetan Bazaar, Himachal

     State : Himachal Pradesh

     Tourist Attractions : Kullu shawls, Himachal caps,Tibetan      Carpets
Tibetan Bazaar, Himachal

Tibetan Bazaar in Himachal Pradesh has also many good stuff in handicrafts and handlooms. In any destination of the state you can go shopping in Himachal Pradesh.The Tibetan traders have unique variety of handicrafts and handlooms. Tibetan bazaars are also good place for shopping in Himachal Pradesh. Street-side stalls spring up in the evening offering variety and good bargain.

The soft wool products sold by them are all time hits with those who are interested in shopping in Himachal Pradesh.Kullu shawls, Himachal caps,Tibetan Carpets,Woolen pullovers, jackets, cardigans, gloves,Apples, pickles, jams and juices Buddhist paintings on cloth,Metalware, Silver and turquoise jewellery.