Chail Sanctuary, Himachal

     State : Himachal Pradesh

     Best Time to Visit : March to October
Chail Sanctuary, Himachal

Chail Sanctuary is situated in one of the districts of Shimla, the Chail Sanctuary in Himachal Pradesh is the best retreat for the wildlife buffs and nature lovers. Declared as a wildlife sanctuary in the year 1976, Chail Sanctuary shrouded in Deodar and Oak Forests is the store house of a rich variety of flora and fauna.Explore the sprawling acres of greenery and dense woodlands of Chail Sanctuary still unspoilt by the crowds and pollution. Nestled amidst the green valleys with the snow clad peaks in the background, Chail Sanctuary remains the ideal destination for the wildlife lovers.The Chail Sanctuary has a rich variety of flora and fauna. From the rare orchids to the endangered species you can find them here.

one can see the glimpse of animals and birds like Sambar, Goral, Common Langur, Leopard, Rhesus Macaque, Himalayan Black Bear, Red Deer, Silver-White Oak, Barking Deer, Indian Hare, Yellow Throated Marten, Indian Porcupine, Common Giant and Kashmiri Flying Squirrel and Pheasants. The Chir Pheasants breeding and rehabilitation Programme was introduced here.The major tourist attractions of the Chail Sanctuary are the barking deers and Kalijin. Explore the beautiful forests and for the adventure freaks the trekking options are also available in this wildlife sanctuary of Himachal Pradesh. Trekking from Chail to Gaura and Chail to Jhajja is quite common amongst the trekkers.