Majathal Sanctuary, Himachal

     State : Himachal Pradesh

     Best Time to Visit : During the Winter Months
Majathal Sanctuary, Himachal

Majathal Sanctuary in Himachal Pradesh is one of the most ideal destinations for the wildlife buffs. From trekkers to leisure tourists Majathal Sanctuary allures tourists from all over. Located atop the rugged Himalayan terrains in Himachal Pradesh, this is the home of the rare species like Goral and Cheer Pheasants. One can get a glimpse of the Goral and Cheer Pheasants in their natural habitat. Far away in the rugged Himalayas, this sanctuary provides the wildlife lovers with a serene retreat. There are arrangements for tent accommodation for the tourists.

The Majathal Sanctuary has the highest concentration of Gorals and you can see them in their natural habitat. A kind of mountain goat, the Gorals have curved horns. They are only seen in hilly areas and Majathal Sanctuary is where you can get to see Gorals in their natural habitat. There is also an abundance of Cheer Pheasants in Majathal Wildlife Sanctuary in Himachal Pradesh. They are considered to be one of the endangered species.